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How to Fix Your Marketing Strategy

Everyone wants digital bells and whistles. But too often, when a client really needs is a solid online strategy. Do you have a comprehensive Web strategy? Or, if you’re in my business: Do your clients have one? Let me lay out a few scenarios for you and see if they sound familiar: Scenario No. 1:Continue Reading

Female Founders To Watch: Enterprise Social Marketing Companies

Social media marketing serving the masses means high-growth startups – creating lots of value and jobs. By Angie Chang (Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Women 2.0) PITCH 2010 Startup Competition finalist Amita Paul pitched Objective Marketer onstage at the November conference. A few months later, Objective Marketer was acquired by Emailvision! This year, we’ve seen big exitsContinue Reading

Pre-Marketing: How Obama gets jobs report

Also: What is Facebook’s real valuation? And Japan Airlines preps $8.5 billion IPO. Continue Reading

5 Tech Companies That Get Content Marketing Right

How many tech companies do you think have corporate blogs? Given the buzz around content marketing and its importance to branding and reputation building, you’d think most would. Think again. Fewer than 21% of technology companies have a corporate blog, according to a recent report from Percussion Software. That’s problematic since the same report alsoContinue Reading

Pre-Marketing: Fidelity dumping Facebook

Also: AIG pushing for independence. And unexpected JOBS Act consequences. Continue Reading

3 Game Changers in Online Marketing

Times are changing for web marketers, particularly those dealing with online retail marketing. Customers are getting harder and more expensive to attract and retain, and new technologies are emerging at breakneck speed. SEE ALSO: The Anatomy of a Killer Content Marketing Strategy There are a lot of tools that promise to help, but the betterContinue Reading

Marketing to Women? Keep These 3 Facts in Mind

Throughout history, women have strongly impacted buying habits — they control 85% of purchasing in the U.S. And so, brands have tapped their influence by creating strategic marketing campaigns that relate personally to the female audience. Although a different beast, social media marketing continues to make headway by targeting a powerful subset of connected andContinue Reading

Pre-Marketing: Catching Peregrine's CEO

Also: MGM plans to buy back Carl Icahn’s stake. And say what? America has a profitable solar company. Continue Reading

Google Snaps Up Social Media Marketing Start-Up

Wildfire, which initially became popular because of Facebook, is rumored to have sold for $250 million. Although Facebook is the reason it took off, social media marketing platform Wildfire has decided to join forces with Google. The start-up announced Tuesday that it has agreed to sell to the search giant. Four-year-old Wildfire, which was backedContinue Reading