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Facebook Consumer Marketing Head Goes to Twitter

Twitter has poached Facebook’s head of consumer and mobile marketing, Kate Jhaveri, according to a report. Jhaveri will join Twitter as senior director of consumer marketing, according to AllThingsD. Reps from Twitter and Facebook could not immediately be reached for comment. A Twitter account purported to be Jhaveri’s but not verified tweeted the following FridayContinue Reading

Nike Heads List Of Most Popular Firms For Creative Agencies

A study of the head honchos at a selection of creative agencies has revealed the most popular clients to work with. The Talent Business‘s list, which harvested the opinions of 330 top executives––no one with a salary less than $300,000 was consulted––crowned Nike as the top dog. The usual suspects of Google, Volkswagen, Adidas, Apple,Continue Reading

Why Yahoo's "30 Logos In 30 Days" Campaign Is Actually Brilliant Rebranding

Yahoo recently announced it’s getting a new logo. New CEO, new direction, new brand––makes sense. The question is: Why is Yahoo rebranding via a “30 Logos in 30 Days” campaign? Logo for Yahoo! Homepage on August, 28 2013 At first glance, it seems like a marketing stunt that’s backfired. Criticized as a “gimmicky campaign” thatContinue Reading

Why an Accountability Buddy is Your Secret Weapon for Faster Growth

Partner with another entrepreneur and coach each other to success. Here’s how to create a win/win situation. Continue Reading

A Social-Media Marketing Primer Even Your Mom Can Handle

Don’t hold back on using social-media marketing because you’re not tech savvy. Here are a few simple ways to get started. Continue Reading

Read This, Then Follow Me: How To Make Your Byline A Marketing Goldmine

Ten years ago, after you finished reading a book, watching a movie, or listening to a song, it was over; you were done. If you wanted to share your reactions, you saved them for the water cooler. Today, the traditional indicators of finality––a tombstone mark for an article (∎), the words “The End” for theContinue Reading

The new face of word-of-mouth marketing

Forget Tupperware parties. Several startups are building creative campaigns that make it easy for people to recommend their products to people they know. Continue Reading

Branding: How to Become a Thought Leader

Social media mogul Dave Kerpen explains how to get noticed in your field, and make some money while you’re at it. Over the past six years, I’ve devoted a great deal of time to branding myself as a thought leader, or an authority in my field. These activities, which included writing a book and hostingContinue Reading

5 Moves That Fueled Evernote's Impressive Growth

With 65 million users, more than 6,500 businesses using its enterprise product, 320+ employees worldwide and $251 million in overall funding, note-taking and data organization app Evernote has come a long way since its core team came together in 2007. In an ecosystem where most businesses fail, Evernote was able to scale its technology andContinue Reading

Social Media Marketing: More Isn't Better

Quantity rarely trumps quality–especially on Facebook. A new study examines how publishing too frequently can alienate followers. Mae West famously said, “Too much of a good thing is wonderful!” But is it really? Excess often leads to problems because a normally functioning system–whether the human body, an organization, or an ecosystem–becomes unstable. Push too farContinue Reading