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8 Things All Executives Should Know about Marketing Technology in 2015

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7 biggest marketing and media trends of 2014

In 2014, advertising was in the eye of the beholder For instance, some thought that with 400 million-plus views, Shakira’s “La La La” was the biggest viral ad of the year. Yet YouTube didn’t list it among the year’s most-viewed ads, even though the Activia brand name was well displayed Then there was Ellen DeGeneres’Continue Reading

A 3-Step Beginner's Guide to Social-Media Marketing

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Integrate Social Media With Print Advertising to Boost Your Marketing

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The Most Innovative Companies Have Long-Term Leadership

Call 2014 the year of innovation. A Gartner survey of almost 500 executives at global corporations revealed that growth is this year’s top priority. Google Trends reveals that interest in disruptive innovation crept up to peak levels this year. It seems that every time you hop on a quarterly earnings call, the CEO mentions innovation.Continue Reading

5 Tips for Boosting Your Mobile-Marketing Platform in 2015

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5 Ways Referral Marketing Can Move the Needle in Your Biz

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