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Uber Rallies To Protest Legislation That Would Limit Its Growth In New York

Six months after losing its legal battle over sharing New York trip data, Uber is again gearing up for a regulatory fight. The ads are plastered on the back of hundreds of New York City buses, at driver’s eye-level: Join Uber, and make $35,000 in fares over the next six months. The on-demand taxi serviceContinue Reading

28 Wise Quotes About Marketing

These quotes may not all sound like they’re directly teaching business lessons, but there all can serve as an inspiration, education, and foundation. Continue Reading

The Marketing Funnel Is No Longer Enough

The sales funnel is broken. Today’s customer needs a more complete journey. Continue Reading

5 Subtle But Effective Digital Marketing Strategies

While ‘content is king’ most is creating noise and assaulting our senses. Here is a few tips that are influencing less-is-more digital marketing. Continue Reading

6 Strategies for Marketing Your Retail Business Online

These tips will help your business increase its visibility online. Continue Reading

Private Equity Can Make Firms More Innovative

There’s a longstanding debate about whether private equity investors create value for the firms they buy. The evidence shows that PE-backed firms generate strong returns for investors, but they’re often accused of 1) focusing too sharply on short-term results (hurting firms in the long run), 2) loading target companies with too much debt (increasing theirContinue Reading

New Study Shows Huge Growth in Digital Commerce

Demandware Shopping Index Shows Growth in eCommerce Traffic and Sales Continue Reading

The Most Ignored Branding Tool on the Planet

It’s free, it offers a built-in audience, and it’s something you already have. Continue Reading

6 creative sensory tubs to inspire kid explorers

Your childhood senses are more important than you might think. Sensory play is believed to help children develop by allowing them to experience and engage with properties on their own, such as cognitively through decision-making and physically through refining their fine motor skills. It also serves to help them connect the meanings of words toContinue Reading

Want Big Data to Help Your Marketing Team? Hire a Data Scientist.

Marketing departments need specalists to tease out what is significant from mountains of available information. Continue Reading