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Meet 3 Highly Creative People Who Just Nabbed 'Genius Grants'

Thanks to the MacArthur Foundation, 24 people just won a no-strings-attached award of $625,000 each. Here’s a look at three of the winners and their ambitious projects. Continue Reading

Gen Zers Are Revolutionizing Our Marketing Landscape. Here's How They Want to Be Reached.

In coming years, consumers aged 12 to 24 will contribute $44 billion to the economy annually. Continue Reading

4 Creative Tactics to Find and Recruit the Best Talent

Startups are having to battle with big companies and one another for the same talent. It’s become a free for all. Continue Reading

5 Ways Inbound Marketing Can Get More Prospects to say YES

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What ‘Jurassic World’ Teaches About Marketing

What ‘Jurassic World’ Teaches About Marketing Vertical Response Best Apps for Content Curation Jennifer Good Is It Legal To Start A Business Out Of My Apartment? PODCAST: Make a Career Without a Job INFOGRAPHIC: What are the Best (and Worst) Ways to… 3 Expert Tips For Promoting Your New Product via… Frances Kweller6 Essential TipsContinue Reading

In With the Old: Mobile Marketing for Seniors

With more seniors owning mobile devices and using social media, brands need to step up their mobile-marketing game. Continue Reading

Why Apple’s New iPhone Upgrade Plan Is Driving Growth

HBR STAFF You have to hand it to Apple. What other company incites such a frenzy when it releases an updated version of its product? The recent iPhone 6S release went as expected: winding lines of eager consumers at Apple stores and fevered media coverage. Apple announced over 13 million units were sold during thatContinue Reading

What to Do When Your Personal Growth Stalls

We’ve all hit a wall at some point. You may run up against a competitor you cannot beat. You might lose your job despite your best efforts. You could be doing everything you can – but still not getting that promotion. But whatever the cause, what feels like a roadblock could be your first stepContinue Reading

3 Ways to Integrate Video Into Your Marketing Strategy

Video marketing that really resonates Continue Reading

Influencer Marketing 101

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