5 Creative Ways To Get People To Pay Attention To The Ocean

For all the education about how much our human impact is destroying the ocean, not much is changing our behavior. Could some of these crazier projects do the trick?

In recent weeks, water has rightly been portrayed as a terrifying thing, seeping into the streets during Hurricane Sandy and flooding vital infrastructure, not to mention homes. But water is also vital to our existence. And if we don’t pay attention to ocean health, we’ll all be in trouble. San Francisco nonprofit Blue Trail is drawing attention to ocean sustainability with 10 interactive "art-design-science-tech installations" showcased along the city’s waterfront during theAmerica’s Cup sailing challenge next fall.

60 people showed up for Blue Trail’s recent Design Jam, a competition intended to suss out the most promising installation ideas from local architects, designers, engineers and others. Below, some of our favorites. Note: these ideas were all hatched during a daylong design session, so there are no prototypes to display--yet.

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