7 biggest marketing and media trends of 2014


In 2014, advertising was in the eye of the beholder

For instance, some thought that with 400 million-plus views, Shakira's "La La La" was the biggest viral ad of the year. Yet YouTube didn't list it among the year's most-viewed ads, even though the Activia brand name was well displayed

Then there was Ellen DeGeneres' selfie during the Oscars, a moment that was viewed by a billion or so people and engineered by Samsung. Was that an ad? Real-time marketing? Or just a goofy, impromptu throwaway moment?

As advertising sought to redefine itself, legacy media like TV and print made a convincing argument for their continued existence. Looking back, 2014 will probably be viewed as a transitional year, as broadcast TV remained the largest advertising vehicle and advertisers struggled to adapt to an always-on environment in which consumers were more attuned to your failures than your successes. Amid this shifting landscape, here were the seven biggest trends: Read more...

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