'A Bigger Impact On the Bottom Line': 10 Startup Employees Recount Early Growth


What makes a startup a startup? Is it the headcount of a nascent company that earns it the title, or the achievement of fast growth, driven either by a growing market or the mere fact founders have taken money from venture capitalists? Whatever your definition of startup, each organization is unique

For our series, The First 100, we tracked down the first 100 employees at 100 startups and small businesses

Joining a company with 60 employees may not be as daunting as joining a company with fewer than 10, but that doesn't mean you'll walk into a static atmosphere. As these early startup employees tell it, there are plenty of opportunities for personal growth — and quick promotions — if you're willing to bring some drive to the table. Below, we hear from employees 61 through 70 and growing companies like Airbnb, BlogHer, Rent the Runway and Vevo. Read more...

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