Airbnb Unveils A Major Rebranding Effort That Paves The Way For Sharing More Than Homes

Airbnb is laying the foundation for marketing a slew of new sharing-economy services down the road.

Brian Chesky is too excited about the color magenta--yes, the purplish-pink hue found in printer cartridge ink. The CEO of Airbnb, the megahit service which enables users to list their homes on the web and rent them out to guests, is raving about the color's "pop" and "spirit"; about its "modern" look and "sophisticated" feel; about its "playful" vibe and "fun" tone. Chesky has been enamored with magenta ever since he was a student at the Rhode Island School of Design; more recently, he even went so far as to launch an internal campaign to get other Airbnb designers to integrate his favorite color into their work. "I have too much energy--I have to stand up," announces the hulking 32-year-old as he talks, bouncing up and down at his company's San Francisco headquarters.

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