Analysts: PC Shipments to Drop in 2013 Amid 53% Tablet Growth


As more consumers flock to low-cost tablets, the desktop and notebook computer world is taking a hit. According to Gartner analysts, tablet shipments are projected to soar 53.4% in 2013, while traditional PCs are on track to drop 11.2% from last year

Overall, however, the state of the tech industry seems healthy. Gartner is reporting worldwide PC, tablet and mobile smartphone shipments will grow 4.5% in 2013 (2.32 billion units expected to ship) with lower-priced devices leading the way.

Gartner noted the average screen size of the tablets in use worldwide ranges from 8.3 inches to 9.5 inches, but 47% of the 21,500 consumers surveyed owned a tablet that was 8 inches or less. Read more...

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