Digital & TV ‘Double Coverage’ Key to Super Bowl Marketing Success


Adobe Digital Index research indicates record playoff audiences and surging social media buzz, suggesting Super Bowl XLVIII viewership is poised to capture the title of the U.S.'s largest television audience broadcast of all time. What’s more, Fox Sports' announcement that it will live stream the game to iPads just about ensures that this year’s game at MetLife Stadium, in New Jersey, will also be the most mobile Super Bowl ever

For marketers, however, this year's Super Bowl — which, for more than two decades, has been a showcase for the most innovative and expensive advertising of the year — has become a more complex challenge: While the worlds of digital and broadcast have merged into one from the viewer's perspective, they remain somewhat disconnected on the marketer's side. Social media marketing, online video releases and mobile optimized websites are now key to creating that trophy-winning Super Bowl marketing moment. That's why many marketers have assembled teams of digital specialists to augment their grand broadcast investments to score some big-game points. Read more...

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