Don't Overlook These Email Marketing Fundamentals


When it comes to email marketing, it takes a lot to shock me. That's not to say I'm left unimpressed when I review my set of about 7,000 retail emails every month. Email continues to be a medium in which marketers can work their magic, but that's part of the problem. HTML is more flexible than it was 10 years ago, and responsive design allows for variable designs that render content in a more predictable fashion. But because of that, many marketers spend time ringing bells and blowing on whistles while the basics are overlooked.

It is essential to keep your email program up-to-date with emerging design trends and to connect with your subscribers on mobile devices, but you need to ensure that your emails contain the fundamental elements that increase usability and keep your messages compliant with CAN-SPAM.
Step away from all of the awesome strategies you are working on and let's dumb things down for a moment to make sure you have the basics covered. Read more...

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