Drones for Good: A global competition for innovative minds


When we talk about drones, we often end up confining our consideration of the pilotless aircraft to realms of commerce, military, and other fairly focused uses. Contestants in a recently launched contest, however, want to broaden your horizons. They think drones can improve life for everyone.

The contest is the United Arab Emirates' Drones for Good Award. Started in June 2014, the two-part invention challenge pits dozens of entrants' drone-related concepts against tests of viability, effectiveness, and how much they can help the planet.

"At the end of the day, they're only a tool of technology," said Saif Al Aleeli, the project manager, in a recent interview with CNN"Our message is that we can use it for the good of people all over the world. We've already seen a lot of potential for humanitarian uses." Read more...

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