'Ex Machina' viral marketing campaign trolls Tinder while winning SXSW


If you were on Tinder in Austin on Saturday, you may have come across a sneaky — if brilliant — viral marketing campaign.

Timed perfectly with SXSW, it appears that the marketing minds behind the new film Ex Machina decided to use the popular dating app to raise awareness about the sci-fi thriller.

As reported by Adweek, it looks like the marketing team from the film created a Tinder profile for Ava, a character in Ex Machina that is part human, part android


Image: Adweek

In the film, Ava is played by Swedish actress Alicia Vikander. Using photos of Vaikander from the film, the crafty marketers appeared to have created a Tinder bot that asked hopeful swipers questions about what makes a person human, where they would like to meet and what attracts them to Ava. Read more...

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