For the Best Sunsets and the Fastest Job Growth, Look to the West

Thanks to the tourism, energy, and technology industries, seven of the 10 states with the country's fastest job creation this year will be in the West, a new report finds.

The West is the best--at least when it comes to job creation.

According to a new report, seven out of the top 10 U.S. states in job growth this year will be in the West. The report, by Colorado-based research and consulting firm IHS Global Insight, says businesses in the region's energy, tourism, and technology industries are largely responsible for the fast job growth.

The states with the fastest payroll increases this year will be North Dakota, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, and Oregon, the report predicts.

According to USA Today, states such as Arizona and Nevada have bounced back from the housing downturn and residential construction is now on the rebound, bringing a surge of new jobs. Arizona's job growth is also benefiting from strong tourism, as well as Apple's new 2,000-employee factory in Mesa.

Colorado and Utah are seeing a boost due in part to natural gas and oil, and both are also riding a technology wave, USA Today reports. In Oregon, semiconductor manufacturing is spurring the state's economy.

Jim Diffley, an economist at IHS, says that the Western U.S. is claiming more residents from different states because they want a better quality of life, and more technology is allowing people to work remotely.

"They're just progressive, attractive places to live," Diffley tells USA Today.

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