How Fiction Influences Science, According to Google Creative Lab's Robert Wong

What would fiction be without science? Just last week, we mentioned how deep research can sharpen storytelling in a lot of ways. Of course, on the flip side, storytelling can also have a very real effect on the science being researched.

"Technology and art have a lot in common," says , leader of Google Creative Lab. "They are both highly creative endeavors. They both answer the french director Robert Bresson's demand, 'Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen.'"

In a new video, Wong makes visible the process of art and technology colliding. Created by Future of StoryTelling summit, The Fiction of the Science takes place entirely on a desktop. Not a computer desktop, mind you, but the kind on which deep thinkers have attended to creative problems since time immemorial. It's Wong's work desk, and a parade of photos, pens, and notecards dance across it to illustrate Wong's unlikely tale of how an MFA–holding graphic designer and his team helped influence the creation of GoogleGlass.

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