How To Growth Hack Anything: Lessons from A "BitTorrent Best Seller"

Launching a book is a lot like launching a company. Especially today, when a book functions both as a book, and as a calling card for other ventures like speaking, investing, or basically anything.

The problem with that is most authors write books because they like writing books, not because they want to do the work of launching a company. And most of the time, they don't have a marketing bone in their body.

But there may be good news, because as we've seen, the way companies are launched is drastically changing, too. Growth hacking––that is, iterative, scalable, lean techniques for self–sustaining marketing––has completely disrupted the tech startup world. Young geeks––also without a marketing bone in their body––have been responsible for the stunning growth of brands like Facebook, StumbleUpon, DropBox, AirBnB, Spotify, and countless others.

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