In boon to content marketing, Flipboard launches 'Promoted Items'


Starting Feb. 1, Flipboard readers will begin to see a new type of ad on the platform — articles, videos, products and photos that mimic editorial content and will be known as "Promoted Items."

Levi's and NARS Cosmetics will be among the first advertisers to use the platform. The University of California will also distribute articles about scientific research and the Global Food Initiative from its Fiat Lux "brand magazine." The material will be clearly labeled "promoted" and attributed to the brand, according to Flipboard.

"Brands that already have content in brand magazines on Flipboard can now highlight the best pieces more broadly across Flipboard and reach an audience of millions," said Christine Cook, head of advertising partnerships at Flipboard, in a press release. Promoted Items also gives brands a mechanism to sign up new readers for its newsletter or have them follow the brand's magazine on Flipboard. Read more...

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