Lesson from Inbox: Email marketing needs to be 'expected and relevant'


In part two of this series, I pick up talking about the latest and greatest news from the email world: Google's Inbox. Three email vets chime in on key takeaways and advice. P.S.: Don't panic!

What advice do you have for email marketers that may be panicking because of Inbox or ready to seize the new opportunities presented?

Ryan Phelan: Sit down, take a deep breath and relax. This happened the last time with tabs, remember? And since then the world has not devolved into apocalyptic chaos. Many freaked out then, and we are starting to see the same thing now. My phone's been ringing off the hook with marketers saying, "What do we do?" My response? Well, nothing right now, let's look at the numbers first and realize that Google rolls new stuff out in phases. This is a limited release, so we have time to see what impact this really does have. Additionally, we need to remember that impact is not based on what you believe the consumer will do, it's based in the metrics. Read more...

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