Marketing Start-Up Thanks Millenials With Chalk Art

Who needs a paper weight? A marketing start-up called Pixyl found a clever way to thank employees for helping them make the Inc. 5000.

A digital marketing firm called Pyxl found an ingenious way to thank its young workers for making this year's Inc. 5000. The company was #1345 on the list.

Pyxl, which launched in 2008 with four employees, made $691,817 in revenue their first 12 months. Over the next three years, they added 16 more employees and grew by 299 percent. Today, the start-up is making $2.8 million in revenue and is the 19th fastest-growing company in Tennessee.

Since most of the staff are millennials, Winters and Pyxl president Josh Phillips knew they couldn't do just anything to show their gratitude. The solution? Sidewalk chalk art.

Winters and Phillips hired an artist to draw each employee's picture in chalk on sidewalks around their offices in Knoxville and Tempe, Arizona. They also wrote personal messages thanking them for their dedication and hard work.

"I don’t think millennials want the typical thing when it comes to big milestones in the workplace," said Pyxl's founder, Brian Phillips. "A paper weight after five years, which might be seen as an office recognition or milestone for some generations, can be seen as lazy or boring. For us, doing chalk art was a good way to pair the creativity of our business and to thank employees publicly."

And they appreciated it. Family and friends who saw the art sent the workers congratulatory messages, and the buzz, which quickly amassed over social media, garnered Pxyl new clients and employee applications.

Winter says he keeps the personal vibe going on throughout the year, as Pyxl offers happy hours, group trips, and "Congratulaka," a celebration in which workers receive a small, unique gift when they hit certain goals.

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