Nike Heads List Of Most Popular Firms For Creative Agencies

A study of the head honchos at a selection of creative agencies has revealed the most popular clients to work with. The Talent Business's list, which harvested the opinions of 330 top executives––no one with a salary less than $300,000 was consulted––crowned Nike as the top dog. The usual suspects of Google, Volkswagen, Adidas, Apple, and Coca–Cola followed in the sportswear firm's wake. The list, however, is bad news for Apple, which has slid from second to fifth place.

"Nike continues to be seen as a trailblazer by creative agencies," said The Talent Business's CEO, Gary Stolkin. "It is head and shoulders above the rest, 76% of respondents valued it as very desirable, and it led on six of the seven attributes."

Will Apple go up in the ratings next year? The two years since Steve Jobs died have changed the company in many ways. But the expected launch of a whole raft of new products––starting with a possible new iPhone next month––could pull the Cupertino–based firm back up the chart. As one unnamed creative said of the firm, "They produce ideas and products that inherently change the world and the way people live."

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