Optimizing Success: The Growth of SocialFlow


Frank Speiser says he "accidentally" founded SocialFlow — he was trying to develop a way to grow his podcast's audience.

But what started as an accident has become one of tech's most exciting startup stories, with a product utilized by some of the biggest names in media and consumer goods, including The Guardian, The Economist and PepsiSocialFlow helps brands optimize their social messaging by posting content when the audience wants it — a task that's easier said than done.

"The way you succeed in social is by winning attention and then converting it into a specific outcome, whether you want clicks or shares or conversions — but you first need to get people's attention," says Speiser. However, convincing people of the importance of attention was an uphill battle for SocialFlow, which launched in 2009 and joined Betaworks in 2010, during social marketing's infancy. Today, of course, everyone knows the importance of cutting through the noise and optimizing one's efforts on social media. But during the early years, Speiser found a sounding board and champion in investor/advisor Mike Brown, Jr. Read more...

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