Read This, Then Follow Me: How To Make Your Byline A Marketing Goldmine

Ten years ago, after you finished reading a book, watching a movie, or listening to a song, it was over; you were done. If you wanted to share your reactions, you saved them for the water cooler.

Today, the traditional indicators of finality––a tombstone mark for an article (∎), the words "The End" for the silver screen, a trio of number signs (###) for a news release––have been supplanted by a button that beckons you to "like," "retweet," "pin," or perform some other variation of social–media sharing.

For example, by displaying a hashtag, TV commercials encourage you to "join the conversation" on Twitter. Magazine articles refer you to a website "for more information." Even McDonald's has climbed aboard the bandwagon, stamping QR codes that reveal nutritional data––or the lack thereof––on its carryout bags.

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