Real Time Marketing is Upon Us—Here’s How Advertising Needs To Adapt

There’s an unprecedented amount of technology and consumer data available to create opportunities for marketers. Yet the advertising process isn’t keeping up. Tribal DDB’s Paul Gunning explains why and how brands and agencies can adapt.

As consumers’ comfort levels with smartphones and mobile shopping continue to increase, marketers are seeing the customer profile coming into focus, offering clear insight into the individuals brands are trying to reach. Given that there is now an understanding of audiences in near real-time, why are marketers struggling to act on this valuable trove of data? What are the barriers to obtaining and leveraging this information from both the client side and the agency side?

The obstacles to innovation are, in many ways, systemic ones. You see most brands--especially larger ones--choose to allocate their full media budget to various channels at the start of a campaign, or even a fiscal year. This process has the unfortunate effect of leaving little room to develop creative programmatic responses when and where the consumer demands it. So while there might be some great technical innovation available, if the budget has already been exhausted, there’s very little flexibility.

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