Roger McNamee's 5 Tips for Facebook Marketing Success


Roger McNamee isn't just an investor in Facebook. He's also a client.

In particular, McNamee, a founding partner at Elevation Partners, has used Facebook to market his band, Moonalice. The jam band had about 50,000 fans last summer, but is now around 220,000 thanks to some focused marketing on the platform. Perhaps more impressively, there are more people talking about Moonalice's Facebook Page than there are fans for the Page, indicating a high engagement.

Moonalice has been on Facebook since 2006. McNamee likes Twitter too, but says Facebook is better for launching something new, while Twitter is for established brands and individuals or organizations that have news to share. Since going whole hog on Facebook about a year ago, McNamee says he's learned some lessons about marketing on the platform that he'd like to share with others looking to increase their fan base, engagement or both. Since McNamee is a Facebook investor, though, you may want to take some of what he says with a grain or two of salt: Read more...

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