Samsung's innovative new washing machine has a built-in sink


Forget SUHD TVs and 1TB SSD drives — the most impressive innovation at Samsung's CES 2015 press conference is happening in the laundry room.

Alright, that might be a little hyperbolic (the new TVs do look awesome), but seriously, Samsung's latest washing machine has a genius addition: a built-in sink.

Dubbed the Active Wash, the top-loading washing machine includes a built-in sink for washing delicates, or doing pre-treatment and pre-washings.

If you're wondering what "pre-washing" is, we're disappointed in you, and it's likely that you don't wear many delicate clothing items. Pre-treating bad stains — that is, rinsing or soaking them with detergent or stain sticks before running them through the washing machine — is often more effective than just dumping a stained shirt in the washer. Read more...

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