Seattle FI Grad ReadyPulse Raises $5M for the Future of Marketing

ReadyPulse has received $5 million in Series A funding, which has been reported by Lauren Gould in a BusinessWire article titled “ReadyPulse Receives $5M in Series A Funding Delivering the Future of Inspirational Marketing.”

ReadyPulse and its Founders Srinivas Penumaka and T Vinod Gupta are Graduates of the Founder Institute Seattle.

ReadyPulse is an enterprise software platform using patented tech to surface high quality, authorized social content from brand ambassadors.

Social media recommendations that nudge customers to increase their purchases are becoming a potent competitive asset.”

ReadyPulse’s series A fund was lead by California-based Venture Capital Firms, Walden Venture Capital and Rally Ventures. The goals for the fund include an increase in awareness for inspirational marketing among brand marketers, as well as focusing on mobile applications.    

With over $15 billion in additional e-commerce sales to date, Walden and Rally Venture invests in ReadyPulse to continue the marketing revolution. The marketing platform is positioned to dominate the field of consumer advocate marketing by creating powerful content from brand ambassadors to their communities.

For more information on ReadyPulse’s unique service, visit their official website.

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