The Content Marketing Forecast: 10 Predictions for 2014


2013 was the year of Red Bull. At every marketing conference, not a panel went by without a shout-out to the content marketing geniuses based in Santa Monica and Austria.

But as an industry, we owe it to ourselves to demand more and to look forward. 2014 is the year when the content marketing category finally matures and newer players in the space — brands, agencies, startups — help us achieve real scale.

The new year will also be a year of debate. We've seen unprecedented creativity in advertising and marketing, but is this amounting to real ROI for brands? Can brands continue to capture the attention of information-savvy consumers who demand instant gratification? Can marketers and investors navigate the confusing sea of content marketing startups, agencies and vendors? Spoiler alert: The answer to all three questions is "Yes." Read more...

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