The Informative Edge of Content Marketing

Here's how to develop an informative edge and position your organization as a market leader.

Asymmetric information is almost always at the core of content marketing that truly resonates with target audiences. Asymmetric information is defined as "a situation in which one party in a transaction has more or superior information compared to another." While traditionally defined in economic markets, the idea of asymmetric information has slowly crept into sales and marketing, where having an "informative edge" makes all the difference in the world for organizations and consumers.

Successful content marketers that providing the most valuable, scarce and educational information is what really turns prospects into customers.

Finding Valuable, Scarce & Educational Information

When consultative selling started gaining traction in the 80s, account managers relied on high-powered connections or hours of research to gain an informative edge that sets them apart from the competition. Fast-forward to today, and analysts can perform much deeper research in a fraction of the time using Internet search. Familiarize yourself with search operators to get the exact information you need immediately. If it exists on the Internet, there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to find it in a matter of minutes. The ability to find scarce & valuable information for your market is essential to developing an informative edge.

Information Parity vs. Asymmetric Information

How many times have you been told to blog, tweet or post on Facebook with the ultimate goal of creating content? Many marketers don't understand that successful content creation does not guarantee successful content marketing. The act of uploading content to the Internet, regardless of the channel, does not drive success by itself. Instead, this practice has polluted the Web and created an informative parity between most of the content created online.

The low cost of content creation today has actually increased the cost of content consumption. People consuming content online have to wade through a never-ending stream of fresh content to find the nuggets of value. Today, only truly valuable information gets traction with search engines and your marketplace. This means your organization must break away from parity and develop content that is targeted, problem-solving and entertaining to gain traction in your market and search engines.

Build Your Informative Edge

Developing an informative edge in your marketplace will deliver prospects and customers from relevant websites, search engines and social media. Building this edge is a repetitive formula of creating something great and getting the world to talk about it. Unlike physical books that can be lost or destroyed, information on the Web lasts forever. Therefore, stacking industry-leading information by your brand online develops an everlasting mountain of valuable content that the market engages with on a regular basis.

This informative edge gives your prospects online asymmetric information about your market--as told by your brand! A razor-sharp informative edge that boosts your brand as a thought leader, and cuts your competition out of the conversation, is the real goal of content marketing. Be selective about the content you create and promote and develop an informative edge.

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