The most creative uses for Meerkat, SXSW's hottest app


If you feel like the press coverage from this year's South by Southwest (SXSW) event sounds more like an Animal Planet show than a tech event, you're not alone.

The first few days of the major conference in Austin, Texas, have been dominated by talk about the meteoric rise of Meerkat, a live-streaming application built on top of Twitter, as well as discussion of Twitter's attempt to handicap the service by cutting off its access to the networks' social graph.

All the SXSW chatter, combined with pushback from Twitter, has only added fuel to Meerkat's momentum: The app's user base grew by 30% after the Twitter crackdown, and it now likely has around 150,000 users just several weeks after launching. They include a number of influential figures in tech, media and entertainment, who have already demonstrated a range of clever use cases for live broadcasting on top of a social platform like Twitter. Read more...

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