The science of hair: How ghd's innovative R&D lab is setting the bar


You probably weren't expecting your hair styler to have three sensors that monitor temperature, and a specially-designed handle that ensures you don't damage your hair by applying too much pressure.

At ghd, whose tri-zone technology does just that, science and technology are as integral to attaining perfectly-styled hair as a great hairdresser is. 

That's why ghd's team of scientists, engineers and innovators work together in Cambridge, one of the UK's premier innovation hubs, to create the next generation of hair stylers that arm hairdressers with the perfect tools to craft great hair. 

To get a closer look at how ghd specially engineers hair stylers, we sat down with Dr. Tim Moore, the company's CTO, to talk about how ghd uses a scientific approach to hair styling, how it uses robotics for testing, the company's innovative platinum styler and how technology will play an even larger role in ghd's future.  Read more...

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