The Women Leaders Driving Lyft's Impressive Growth

Fourteen of Lyft's top 30 executives are female, including two big new hires. Here's why that matters to the fast-growing company's future.

While new Lyft CMO Kira Wampler was an intern at Intuit during business school, two female executives at the company came back from maternity leaves to huge promotions, running large parts of the business. Wampler had an offer to work at Intuit after graduation, but explored opportunities at other companies that were recruiting her. "I would ask them, can you give me an example of someone in your organization who is roughly this age, who has roughly this number of kids, who just had a promotion?" she says. "Very few could do that." Knowing that she wanted to grow both her career and her family, she returned to Intuit, where she worked for six years as an early leader in word-of-mouth marketing.

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