This startup wants to be the Uber of content marketing


You know how they say there's an Uber for everything? This new platform wants to add to the list.

ArticleBunny, which launched this week, says it stands to have an equally transformative impact as Uber — this time on the way businesses build original and engaging content.

ArticleBunny enables companies to order marketing content in a range of styles and formats from professional writers. Because it's an end-to-end marketplace like Uber, businesses can trust that their projects will be completed on time and to their standards.

It's a departure from freelance websites like Scripted, Fivver and Upwork, where business owners post a project, wait for freelancers to respond and assume the risk of the content being below expectations. ArticleBunny's writers apply and are screened before they start work, while the startup's management takes control of staff, communication, revisions, delivery, and payment. Read more...

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