Today's Most Creative People: The Students Behind A Smart, Water–Saving Shower Head

Long showers are a great way to unwind, but they pose a drain on resources. To help people cut down on their time in the shower, three Tufts University graduates created a color–changing shower head that alerts people when it's time to hop out.

The Uji shower head, which features a light that changes from green to red after seven minutes of use, began as a senior capstone project for Brett Andler, Sam Woolf, and Tyler Wilson. The three friends who graduated earlier in the spring said they wanted to work on a product that would improve on a user experience while helping people save money and resources.

"By reducing average shower time from nine minutes down to eight, the Uji shower head will pay for itself in water and energy savings after only seven months of use in a home setting, and three months in a university setting, where more individual users take showers on any given day," Andler told Fast Company. In its testing, the trio noticed Uji led to a 12% decrease in shower time.

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