Visual Social Marketing 101


There's no shortage of mobile platforms available for brands to reach consumers with gripping visuals. If anything, the problem is picking out which platforms to embrace and which to ignore

Brands can now share images and videos with followers through Instagram, Vine and Snapchat, just to focus on three of the most prominent visual platforms. Some companies may try to make use of all three of those; others may struggle to get a grip on just one

While Snapchat, Vine and Instagram may share certain features in common, the strategy for making the most of each is different. In general, Snapchat is best used for sending playful messages that look more informal, Vine's optimal use is for posting playful videos that look professional and Instagram is best employed for sharing professional content that looks professional

We talked with a couple marketing experts to pick out some of the best brands on these three platforms and identify some dos and don'ts for each. Read more...

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