What A Cracked Mirror Taught Drybar Execs About Managing Meteoric Growth

A broken mirror at one of Drybar's Manhattan locations sent founder Alli Webb over the edge. But the fallout provided important lessons in letting world-class teams do what you hired them to do.

A few months ago, Alli Webb stepped into a Drybar on the Upper East Side of Manhattan--one of the few dozen blowout-only hair salons that Webb and her brother, Michael Landau, have rapidly built into a small empire. Webb had reason to be happy. Her business, which she'd begun on a lark in 2007, was raking in $22 million in annual sales; her private equity partners in the business were seeing so much growth that they were beginning to recommend that Webb and Landau be realistic about relinquishing some control in their organization, leaving more of the micromanaging to the various teams they had hired. But then, Webb saw the crack.

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