With the Internet of Things, brands can take marketing to the next level


What does it mean to be the chief marketing officer of an agency? Well, according to creative agency MRY's CMO David Berkowitz, it's an unusual, challenging and rewarding role to be a marketer's marketer. "Our brands are B2C, and I am in a B2B business. For our brands, it's easier to differentiate themselves; their products taste or look or feel different, or go after different targets. For us, it's a more crowded marketplace. It's tough, I get that; it's also why I like that challenge, especially when I get to market our work or people as our differentiators."

As part of his job, Berkowitz must stay ahead of the curve when it comes to marketing and tech trends, so that he can not only educate his staff, but also position MRY as a thought leader in the space. A hot topic right now, of course, is the Internet of Things Read more...

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