Your Creative Calendar: 55 Things To Do, Watch, Hear, And Read This December

Have a look at Co.Create's selective roundup of the best movies, albums, books, tours, and happenings with which to close out your 2014.

It seems almost unfair that most pop culture critics and reporters must put together best-of-the-year lists before the year is actually through. The reason it's so difficult is because the end stretch is often disproportionately stacked with high-quality content. Even with advance screenings and album streams, it's a mighty marathon to make it through all this material, let alone properly digest it and put it in context with the rest of the year's offerings. In fact, the line-up of what's to come for December looks like it could double as a best-of-the-year list itself. Have a look at Co.Create's festive foreword to the most promising movies, shows, albums, and other fun stuff coming your way this December, which is sure to keep you busy well into 2015.

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